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It is to us that you should turn when you need quick and comfortable solutions to take care of your or someone else's household.

Drott Auktioner & Bohagsservice AB

We have the opportunity to offer a fantastic concept for people who need help with housing. There can be many times in life when it can be difficult to take care of an entire household on your own, such as when a relative has passed away. When a relative has passed away, it is the grieving relatives who have to take care of the estate. In many cases, it is a very heavy project to take on at a time when you have to cope with your normal everyday life during the grieving process. But with our overall solution, it doesn't get complicated at all.

Our services

Contact us if you need help with all or part of a household. We pick up and sell what can be sold and if you wish, we will throw away the rest. We tailor the service entirely according to the customer's wishes. When the entire home is emptied, we arrange the moving cleaning. The only thing you as relatives need to think about is taking care of the things that you think are worth saving, the rest we take care of.

If you want to check out our services today, you can, for example, visit our Blocketprofil or our Tradera profile to read more about us and see our products, you can also see our catalogues live here.

Welcome to drott auctions

Welcome to Drott Auktionsverk 2550 sqm in the middle of the Kingdom of Crystal – Nybro – Växjö – Kalmar – Öland.

At Drott Online Auctions you easily buy/sell jewelry, glass, furniture, carpets, art, ceramics, vehicles, motorhomes, vintage cars, passenger cars, tractors, agricultural machinery, boats, gold, silver, arts and crafts, tools and machines, etc.m. We are ready to help you with your business 24/7 – all year round! You can bid 24/7, 365 during all 24 hours of the day 7 days a week. Best of all – there are no restrictions in our offers.