Auction your items

Having your old items auctioned off is a great way to make some extra money, while someone else enjoys using something you feel finished with. We are connected to two of Sweden's largest auction sites and know that we will give your auction estate the best conditions to be sold – and at a really good price.

Valuation of items

It can feel a bit tingly or even scary to have your items valued by a valuer. That's why we have solutions that suit everyone. After the valuer has valued your items, you will jointly agree on which will be the next step. If you choose to sell, collection of auction goods can be arranged, or you might rather hand in the items yourself. It's entirely up to you.

How's the auction going?

It all starts with you contacting us. After that, you are called by a valuer where you agree on whether it is a home visit or whether it is relevant to valuation over a video link. Our video valuation calls are often highly appreciated. Together, you and the valuer agree on which platform is relevant for the meeting, and then you arrive at a date and time that fits.

We value both single items and entire homes over video calls.

Pick-up of auction estates

We offer pick-up of auction estates all over southern Sweden and by appointment. Together we will agree on when and where the auction estate will be collected.

We also offer complete solutions when selling entire homes and/or estates. As we also provide moving cleaning, we are also offered the opportunity to take advantage of the RUT deduction (does not apply to estates).

Many bidders

Thanks to our good contacts and platforms, we reach many more bidders than other auctions can. This means that you will potentially have many more bids for each item, which usually means that you can get a better price on your auction estate.