we take care of the estate

When you are the next of kin of someone who has died, it means that you are responsible for the person's estate. It can be a rather onerous task, especially if you are also going through a grief. In the midst of your grief, you are expected to both empty the home, perhaps sell off possessions and clean. It goes without saying that it is something that can feel overpowering to most people.
When faced with this task, we are there as a helping hand. We can take care of most things that have to do with the estate, such as emptying, cleaning and valuation.

Sell off the estate

Whether the deceased owned their own home or rented it, the home needs to be emptied in the event of a death. Having a property or apartment that is empty is an expensive business because things like electricity and fees still have to be paid. If the dwelling is a rental dwelling, there may also be a host who insists on a quick emptying of the apartment. In such cases, it can be nice to get help with emptying the dwelling. We are happy to help you with this. Then we take care of everything like packing and removal. We can also help you sell off all or part of the estate.

Once the home is emptied, it also needs to be cleaned, either for sale or in front of new tenants. Here, too, we can help you with moving cleaning or cleaning before viewing.


It is not uncommon for the person who has an estate to either throw away or sell off the whole loose object because you simply cannot cope with anything else. Do you feel that you are not able to get to grips with driving furniture or items that can be valuable to the nearest auction house for valuation? Then we can help you with a smooth valuation on video.
The whole procedure is done easily via your mobile phone. This way you avoid the heavy task of shipping items while at the same time being confident that nothing valuable is wasted.