To buy at auction

Bid for happy life

When you shop at auction, you place a bid for an item. You tell me how much you can imagine paying for it. Others then have the opportunity to invite you over. So there is no fixed price, but an auction is ongoing until no one wants to make a higher bid anymore. If you're the one who made the highest bid, it's called that you've won the bidding.

how to


The first thing you need to do to get started and shop is to register as a customer. To do this, click "create account" and enter the requested information. Once you've done that, you'll receive an email with an activation link that you need to click before you're done. If you haven't received your link – check your spam. Click here to sign up.


Once your account is registered, go back to our site and log in. If you've already found an item to bid on, you can do so right from that page.


When you shop at one of our online auctions, you can set a bid that is several steps above the bid that is currently the highest. Then the system will automatically put you at a level that allows you to receive the leading bid. If someone else bids against, the system will bid for you until the level is above your current highest bid. Then you will receive a notification about this and can if you want to raise your limit. Club auctions also offer the opportunity to make advance bids in the same way. However, since these take place in real time, you must follow the auction yourself in order to possibly increase your maximum bid.

Profit and pickup

It's exciting to bid on an auction and fun to win. If you have placed the highest bid, you will receive a notification to that effect. Once you've paid for the item, it's yours and you can come and get it. Please note that there is a club team fee on the winning bid, which you must also pay before collecting your item.