Our online auctions

Online auctions are an easy way to both buy and sell items. At our online auctions you will find new items every day of the week. We reach a broad clientele through our online auctions. Among other things, we reach bidders throughout the Nordic region, Europe and really the whole world. With us you usually get a higher price for your items, thanks to the fact that each item often receives many more bids. If you want to get directly to our online auction, you can click here.

Do you have things at home that you want to get rid of?

We sell your items safely and easily. Contact one of our valuers for, for example, a free video valuation. You'll agree together on the next step, if you choose to sell. We offer pick-up throughout southern Sweden.

If you would rather we value your items in a home visit, it can also be arranged.

Video valuation of entire homes

To make everything as easy as possible for you, we offer valuation of entire homes via video – completely free of charge! All you need is a smartphone. Contact us by email or phone, to speak to a valuer. After that, you will be called so that you can agree on a time that fits.

Of course, we want it to be as convenient as possible for you, therefore you will also agree on which app is best suited for the video evaluation. Examples of such apps are WhatsApp or Messenger. As the conversation goes on, you answer questions from the valuer about the items, so that we can get the best possible picture.

We also perform valuations via video on single objects.

Pick-up of goods

We collect and pack auction goods throughout southern Sweden as agreed. We decide together where and how the items will be collected, depending on where in the country you live and how many items to accompany. We also offer comprehensive solutions for those who sell entire homes and this also applies to estates (please note that RUT deductions do not apply to estates).