We offer valuation

Are there items at home that you wonder about the value of, or do you perhaps stand with an entire estate that you need to value? Then we are there to help you with smooth valuation.
After the valuation, we can also help you sell your items if you wish. This is done through both real-time and online auctions. In other words, we offer a complete solution for both valuation and sales, all for your convenience.

Items worth valuing

Maybe you're sitting on very valuable items without knowing it? In fact, it's not uncommon for that old vase that dusts in the cupboard, or the inherited agency, to be worth a lot of money. It can then be good to know that it is always good to value objects such as older furniture, antiques and paintings, but also household utensils, jewelry and other loose items.
When you are careful to value, you do not have to miss out on the chance to sell or insure valuable items.

Video evaluation

Would you like to value several items in your home but shy away from doing so as that would mean shipping heavy items to an auction house? Then we are happy to be at your service with our smart video evaluation solution. With a video valuation, your items can be safely in place at your home but still get a comprehensive valuation.

This type of valuation also makes it easy to value many items, which is great if you have several things in your home that you want to know the value of. During a video evaluation, there is also the chance that our experts will discover objects that you did not think had any value from the beginning because video valuation presents the home in its entirety and provides a good overview.
The whole procedure is done easily via your mobile phone.