Flea market and second hand


At Drott we work with all kinds of auctions and resale of items, which is why we have also chosen to work with something that many people think is a nice event, namely flea market. Our flea market consists of 500 sqm with antique, retro, vintage, shabby, curiosities and design. With us you will find everything for both home and leisure. At our flea market, items are not auctioned in the same way, but the items already have a fixed price. The items you buy at a flea market you have the opportunity to bring home on the day the purchase is made. We also offer transport of items that you may not be able to bring home directly. Therefore, contact one of us at Drott Auctions to get more information about how you can transport your goods with us.


A similar concept to flea market is the more English version, also called second hand. With second hand you have the opportunity to find everything from clothes with exclusive brands to items that belong to the home. Get in touch with us to know more about our second hand.