Floating service in connection with auctions


It is important to us at Drott Auctions that you as a customer feel that you are getting help from us all the way. Therefore, we also have the opportunity to help you when it comes to certain types of floating services. This is to be able to give you as customers a complete solution that suits you. 

Our moving services are available in Kalmar, Oskarshamn, Växjö, Nybro, Alstermo, Ljungby, Markaryd, Emmaboda and nearby cities. At Drott you will get help with auctions, including housing relocation, estate relocation and elderly migration. We also have the opportunity to help you with the moving cleaning for these floating services. Depending on where you are in the country, we have the opportunity to help you with floating services in connection with auctions that go through us.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you create a holistic approach. Welcome to Drott Auctions.

household move and elderly migration

If there is one thing that has been appreciated by our customers, it is that we take care of everything. 

When we auction off larger parts of a home, it can be nice to get help with moving the remaining items. Therefore, we are happy to help you with the move in connection with housing and elderly migration. We pack, transport and place your furniture, so you can sit back and focus on the move. In addition, we include organizing the entire move, from the first cardboard box to the last.

The advantage of hiring us at Drott after the auction is that we take care of everything, for example, that the risk of miscommunication is reduced dramatically. We know exactly what you have in mind and carry out the work from start to finish.

Estate move

Often when auctioning off an estate, it can be nice not to have to deal with the move accordingly. Therefore, we are happy to help you with this process as well. The estate move in connection with the auction is a complete solution that we have done to minimize the effort for you as a mourner. We at Drott Auctions have extensive experience in the relocation of the estate and therefore know exactly how to handle the items to be moved. We're working with high care to keep your items from getting damaged on the road.


In addition to the estate move, we always offer the possibility to add services and tailor the moving service at auction as desired. We know that all homes and households have different conditions and naturally adapt our services according to your needs.

We also offer gardening services for those who need help with this piece after a loved one has passed away. All you have to do is get in touch with us with your thoughts, and we'll make sure to solve them in the best way.


A home valuation can take place in many different ways. A home valuation can take place in connection with someone's passing or if the home is to be resold. If you do not live near any of our offices, you have the opportunity to make your valuation via Face-time, Skype or other web platform. In this way, we can make a thorough valuation digitally.

In the case of a home valuation, we offer comprehensive rewards that include emptying the home with transport and removal, cleaning services, gardening, brokerage contacts and refinement. For example, we can help you clean your home after we transport all items. We also offer floor grinding for surface treatment of finer wooden floors that you want to preserve in beautiful condition.

As you can see, we have the opportunity to offer you more services in cleaning, transport and moving. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you find the best arrangement for your case.