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Welcome to Drott Auctions

Hello and welcome to Drott Auctions and above all well-cone to our new platform!

At Drott Online Auctions you easily buy/sell jewelry, glass, furniture, carpets, art, ceramics, vehicles, motorhomes, vintage cars, passenger cars, tractors, agricultural machinery, boats, gold, silver, arts and crafts, tools and machines, etc.m. We are ready to help you with your business 24/7 – all year round! You can bid 24/7, 365 during all 24 hours of the day 7 days a week. Best of all – there are no restrictions in our offers. Complete complete solutions contact us and make the business of a lifetime.


Drott Auktionsverk is the part of the business that intends to conduct auction trade in, for example, art and antiques, cars, motorcycles and related activities through subsidiaries. valuation of separate items, parts or whole homes and the disposal and or purchase of all or part of individual homes, farms, estates, sterb houses; Directly or through participation in other companies carry out cleaning services, moving services, relocation, relocation, estate management, purchase of estates, sterbhus, internet and shop, flea market and secondhand sale of antiques, curiosities, vintage, retro items, motor vehicles, cars, motorhomes, motorcycles, boats, agricultural machinery.


If you are further interested in our auction items, please feel free to contact us to know more.